Art of Flying

“Atmospheric, voraciously eclectic, momentarily Floydian … & thoroughly brilliant”

the Eugene Weekly

Rooted in the deserts of New Mexico, this enigmatic trio, comprised of David Costanza, Anne Speroni, and Max Moulton beckons listeners into a mesmerizing world where folk, ambient, and experimental sounds converge seamlessly.

With a musical journey spanning over two decades, Art of Flying has cultivated a unique sonic identity that defies categorization. Drawing inspiration from the vast expanses of the American Southwest, their compositions evoke a sense of wanderlust and introspection, inviting audiences to embark on a soul-stirring voyage through landscapes both familiar and mysterious.

“David Costanza and Anne Speroni craft immense and ethereally lo-fi soundscapes …a deftly prolific knack for poetic songwriting meets gorgeous musicianship.” 

Alex de Vore, Santa Fe Reporter

Through their evocative melodies and poetic lyricism, Art of Flying weaves a tapestry of sound that resonates with the depths of human emotion. Each note serves as a brushstroke, painting vivid portraits.

Rolling Stone listed Art of Flying as one of its ‘bands to watch’ from New Mexico.


The band has recorded and released over 10 albums from their constantly evolving and moving analog studio with vintage gear that needs plenty of tinkering and banging to work. The following are songs from their most recent albums. You can hear more at: artofflying.bandcamp.com

Solitude Song

We Drank the Good Shit.

Hey! Here Comes the Light

Escort Mission

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Email: artofflyingband@gmail.com