Escort Mission

3 Recording Studios !!!  3 Years in the Making!!! (How many mixes & re-mixes, who knows?! We stopped counting)!!! Multiple Cover Images! Numerous Titles!!  Everything given the once-over thrice!!! Our new record is now DONE! In the can! Finished & ready for your listening pleasure!

Escort Mission.  8 new songs from Art of Flying.

Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Margaret Luthar, Escort Mission sounds beautiful!! Limited Edition (550) LP’s are now available for pre-sale. These will have: hand-printed, silk-screened covers, (printed in Taos, NM) with liner notes & lyric sheet,  & will be shipped by the end of November. Record buyers will also get a digital download code emailed to them on November 11. (The date that Escort Mission will be available world-wide for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, You Tube, etc, etc…

Since we’ve been working since April to get this record complete, it would be extra lovely to have your orders before it “hits the streets!!”


Art of Flying